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Treatment Routine

Patient FAQ's

What happens during the treatment?

Please make sure that you have a designated driver to take you home following the treatment. Driving home with a numb foot is not advised.

Assuming you are having your ESWT treatment performed in your doctor's office the following is what you can expect. Please arrive on time and wear loose fitting clothing. Your physician may or may not prescribe medication to relax you before you get to the office the day of the procedure. Your doctor will give you some shots to numb the treatment site. After allowing a few minutes for the anesthesia to set up the therapy will begin. Gel will be applied to the treatment area to allow the sound waves to pass from the treatment head into your tissues. Ultrasound imaging is used to assure the therapy is directed to the best possible location. You will hear clicking throughout the treatment coming from the Dornier EPOS Ultra device. That clicking is the machine releasing sound waves into the treatment site. You may or may not experience discomfort during the treatment. However, as the treatment progresses any discomfort you may have normally subsides. If not, then more numbing medication can be given. The treatment usually takes about 20 minutes. In most instances, you will not be in the office for more than an hour.

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