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Recovery Expectations

Patient FAQ's

How long will it take to feel normal again?

A patient who responds quickly can be pain free in two weeks. A patient who responds slowly can take up to six plus months to be pain free.

Everyone responds differently to shock wave therapy, therefore, this question can only be answered in general terms.

In general, patients will see most of their improvement within the first three to four months post-treatment. However, patients will continue to improve at a slower rate well beyond that time frame.

Once again, generally speaking many patients state that their pain has been cut in half at one month post-treatment. At three months post-treatment the pain has been cut in half again. If they are not already pain free at four months, then they are eventually pain free within six.

Outcomes cannot be determined until patients are at least six months post-treatment. Patients have responded at any given time prior to the sixth month point.

Not all patients reach the pain free point. Some patients simply experience a great reduction in pain. Most of these patients feel an 80% reduction in pain is a successful outcome.

As a note, this information is observational from ten years of performing shock wave therapy. Click here to see what the medical studies say about ESWT.

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