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Patient Qualifications

Patient FAQ's

What are the patient qualifications for shock wave therapy?

* The patient must have a chronic or persistent problem that has lasted for at least six months or more to try shock wave therapy.

* The patient should have
failed at least three conservative therapies. Conservative therapies include: Orthotics, Cortico Steroid Injections, NSAIDS or anti-inflammatory medications, Stretching exercises, Night splints, Physical therapy, etc.

Why would a patient be disqualified for shockwave therapy?

ESWT is NOT for Patients With
* Neurological or vascular disease that has affected the foot
* A history of plantar fascia rupture
* Open growth plates
* Pregnancy
* Active medications prolonging or interfering with blood clotting
* A history of bleeding disorders
* Any metal within proximity of the treatment area.

Un-established Safety and Effectiveness of ESWT on Patients With
* Nerve damage
* Osteoporosis
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Tarsal tunnel syndrome
* Diabetic neuropathy
* Severe peripheral vascular disease
* Metabolic disorders and infections

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