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Is shockwave therapy covered by most health insurance companies?

Presently, most health insurance companies consider Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) as either an elective treatment option or experimental. Therefore, just like many other FDA approved medical procedures, ESWT falls into a cash-pay category akin to laser eye surgery, infertility procedures, orthodontics, hair replacement and cosmetic surgeries.

The one question that everyone has is, "if ESWT is safer than invasive procedures and just as effective while costing less per case, then why won't insurance companies pay for it?" Well that is a good question and if you want The ESWT Company's answer, then please contact us. The ESWT Company has an opinion on why insurance will not pay for ESWT. However, it will not be made public because it is just an opinion. Unless present in the insurnace company's meeting where these decisions are made and the facts are known, then opinions should not be made public. With that being said, please contact us for our opinion on why insurace will not pay for ESWT. You will be surprised!

The ESWT Company is not affiliated with any insurance companies and will not submit an insurance claim on a patient's behalf. Our business plan is strictly self-pay.

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