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ESWT vs Surgery

Why ESWT is the Best Choice When Compared to Invasive Options?

Patients still have treatment options after shock wave therapy. Invasive surgery is the culmination of the treatment process. There are no alternatives when invasive surgery has an unsuccessful outcome! Invasive surgery is not 100% effective. In fact, both invasive surgery and ESWT have similar success rates at approximately 85%. Plantar fasciitis patients who do not respond to ESWT can always try it again after six months. Observation demonstrates that approximately 85% of retreated patients respond to ESWT the second time around. Between the two treatments the success rate for ESWT is well over 95%. If a patient does not respond to the retreatment, then he/she can then move on to a more aggressive form of invasive surgery. In fact, this is the preferred treatment regimen for many physicians and is the model used in many socialized medicine countries around the world.

* Possible invasive surgery complications are addressed by Dr. Patel in her enlightening testimonial.

* Plantar fasciitis patients are back to normal activities, and in many cases, work the day after the shock wave therapy treatment. "Invasive or under-the-knife" alternatives often require you to be non-weight bearing for a time, wear bandages and off work for a month or more. Time off work for invasive surgery recovery means lost money or squandered vacation days for most people.

* With ESWT you eliminate risks like scaring and infection that are often associated with invasive procedures.

* ESWT is most often performed in the familiar surroundings of your doctor’s office under local anesthesia.

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