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Money Issues

How much does extracorporeal shock wave therapy cost?

The monetary cost of ESWT is determined by two components.

* The technical fee for the use of the machine. This fee is "The ESWT Company's" component and is influenced by the distance traveled to the using physician's office.

* The professional fee is what the physician charges the patient for performing the ESWT treatment.

Both of these components can vary a lot from case to case so a definitive cost cannot be given across the board. With that being said, patients can expect to pay between $600 and $1,800 for shock wave therapy. These general prices do include both the technical fee and professional fee, therefore, these are total patient costs out-the-door.

Contact "The ESWT Company" for an exact quote.

As surprising as it sounds, often, self-pay ESWT costs patients less out-of-pocket expense than an insurance covered invasive procedure. Look at the numbers!

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